Licensed Professional CounselorMany people suffer for years before getting help with anxiety and depression. They’re thinking: “ I don’t want to dig up old stuff!” “What’s past is past!” “I should be able to handle my problems by myself!” “I’m ashamed that I have problems.” “I need to forgive and forget!”

So here’s my question to such people: If you really could handle it all by yourself, wouldn’t you have done it by now? Of course you would have. No doubt, you have tried. But that empty feeling, that heavy feeling, that jittery-can’t-relax-tense-and-rigid feeling is still there. Maybe that anger and resentment and obsessive thinking are still there too.

Maybe you’ve stopped seeing your friends and doing the things you used to do. Maybe you only leave the house when it’s absolutely necessary. Maybe you cry a lot, can’t sleep, feel exhausted from tension. Maybe you drink more than you used to. Maybe you’re irritable and people are turning away from you.

If any of that is going on with you, it’s time to get help.  So, why not? There are so many other things we ask for help with: auto repair, hair cuts, broken bones, legal documents, selling a house, fixing the roof, piano lessons. Is it really so bad to sit and talk with someone for 45 minutes a week?  Haven’t you spent more time and more money fixing other problems, or helping other people with their problems?

It’s your turn to feel better. Let’s meet a few times and see if therapy feels right for you. Come on in.