Monthly Archives: July 2015

Where did your life go?


What does it mean to be fully present in your life? Don’t you hear people talking about that all the time now?

On the one hand, they’re talking about stress. They’re saying that if you’re distracted and worried – that if your body is here but your mind is elsewhere – you’re going to suffer […]

What are you attracting?


What did I see in him? Why did I marry her? Have you ever wondered that about your relationship? There you are, a thoughtful, loving, caring person. And there the other person is, controlling, disrespecting or disregarding you. It’s like you took off a blindfold and found yourself kissing a goat! What happened?

More importantly, […]

Cultural differences in therapy


Does it matter if your therapist is the same gender as you are? Does it matter if your race is the same, if your culture is the same? Does it matter if you’re gay and your therapist is straight, or vice versa? Does it matter if you’re older or younger?

Here’s the answer to those […]